The United Kingdom (GBP Transfers)

Here is everything you need you need to know about making transfers from the UK.

Where can I transfer money to?

For a full list see our supported countries

What are the fees to transfer from the UK?

We like to keep things cheap and simple here at OrbitRemit, so for all transfers under £10,000 we only charge a tiny fee of £2 per transfer. Sending over £10,000? That's free of charge! 

What are the rates from the UK?

To see just how great our rates are, simply log in to your account and use the real-time calculator and select where you want to transfer to. 

Is there a maximum amount I can transfer?

Restrictions on how much you can transfer are determined by which country you are transferring to. You can view more info on maximum transfer and receive amounts.

Please Note

These limits are imposed by banks and local regulators and OrbitRemit does not have control over these restrictions.

How long will it take for OrbitRemit to receive my payment?

We usually receive payments sent to our UK bank account the same day.

Please Note

Domestic transfers in the UK are processed via the Faster Payment Service (FPS) and should be received the same day you make payment to us. We clear our GBP account several times a day but do not acknowledge immediate receipt of your payment, you should get notified later in the afternoon if you made payment in the morning.

How long will it take after OrbitRemit receives my payment?

This depends on where you are transferring to. You can view more details on processing times by destination.

Will I need to verify my identity?

Yes. As part of creating a first time transfer from the UK you will need to complete verification. This applies to all customers, regardless of where you are transferring to or the amount.

For more information on what is required see verification.

Can I use OrbitRemit to make business transfers?

Yes, you can create a business account. We cannot offer services to charities from the UK.

Please Note

We can only provide services to business customers with a UK business registered at Companies House.

Can I request a refund?

We can't cancel your transfer once it has been completed. However, if the status of your transfer is ‘Awaiting Payment’ or 'Awaiting Update' then there is still time to cancel and arrange a refund

How do I sign up to use OrbitRemit?

You've decided to sign up with OrbitRemit - Nice one! To learn more about the process see making your first transfer, or head over to the registration page to sign up today.


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