My Profile

As part of creating your first transfer you will need to provide details about yourself and where you live.

Choosing your account type

You have the option to complete your profile as an individual or a business. This guide is for an individual creating a transfer. If you would like to make transfers as a business, please read our guide on Creating a Business account.


Completing the 'About You' section

The first section is basic information about you. Please enter your name, exactly as it appears in your identification document. This will help with verifying your transfer.

Only have one name?
Please enter your name into both the first name and last name fields and inform us that you only have one name by raising a support ticket.

Adding your residential address

Please enter the address of where you live, this must be a residential address and not a PO Box address. 


Next Steps

Once you have completed all details, select 'Save Profile' to continue the transfer creation process. 

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