My transfer is 'Awaiting Update' how do I add new account details?

If your transfer has been marked as 'Awaiting Update' it usually means we have encountered a problem in completing your transfer.

This status is generated when the beneficiary account details you have supplied are invalid; most likely the account number is incorrect or the account name you have input doesn't match what the bank has associated with the account.

Steps to provide updated/alternate account details:


  1. Navigate your way to the 'Transfers' tab and select the relevant transfer number that has the status 'Awaiting Update'.
  2. Select the 'Options' drop down button. Here you have three different options; 'Edit Recipient', 'Create New Recipient' or 'Choose Another Recipient'. Select your preferred option to continue.
  3. If you have chosen 'Edit Recipient' or 'Create New Recipient' you will need to provide the recipients full account details, please check these differ from the details you originally provided. If you have elected to 'Choose Another Recipient' you need to select the recipient you wish to have your transfer resubmitted to.

Upon completion of these steps, your transfer will be resubmitted for settlement and your transfers status updated to 'Awaiting Settlement'.

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