Verifying your Business Account (NZ)

For companies based in New Zealand we will require some extra documentation based around the structure of your company and its details.

What type of company are you verifying?

Limited Businesses
  • A certificate of incorporation which has been issued to your business by NZ Companies Office
  • A company extract which outlines the share structure of your business
  • Photo identification for all directors and beneficial owners of the business (a beneficial owner is defined as anyone who holds a shareholding of 25% or more) 
  • Address documents (a utility bill or bank statement) for all directors and beneficial owners

Please Note

If 25% or more of your businesses shares are owned by another company, we will also need to complete business verification for this company.

Sole Traders
  • A copy of your self assessment tax return showing you are self employed
  • A business bank statement showing your trading name
  • A web address for your website (if available)
  • A few sentences describing your business activities and the nature of your transfers and relationship with the recipient
  • Copy of the Trust Deed
  • Address document for the trust
  • Photo ID and address document for all trustees and the authorised signatory
  • Name of the Settlor for the trust
  • Name and date of birth for all the beneficiaries of the trust
  • Source of funds for the trust, such as a bank statement which establishes clear source of income of the trust

Not registering on behalf of a company?

If you are not registering as a business, you will need to meet the personal verification requirements.


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