What could delay my transfer?

For specific payout processing times visit What countries can I make transfers to?

There are a few things that can delay your transfer and these are generally out of our control, if you are experiencing a delay, the following may be of assistance:

The time your bank takes to send us your payment

The banking system in each country works differently. In New Zealand and Australia the banks have local cut-off times, after which they will add an extra day to the time it takes them to send us your money. For fastest processing times it is always best to process your transfer before the local cut-off time. It is worth noting that payments made to us at weekends will be outside these cut-off times and it will take longer to receive your payment.

Please note

Just because the payment has left your bank account doesn't mean that it has arrived in our account.

You have not met the verification requirements to allow us to process your transfer

As part of completing your first transfer we will ask you to verify your details. Sometimes, the information you provide may not meet our requirements and we will have to hold your transfer and request you attempt the verification process again. To see whether you’re verified, visit the 'Verification' menu within your OrbitRemit profile.

Please note

If you haven't created a transfer yet you won't be able to see your verification status.

The time the receiving bank takes to clear the transfer into your recipient account

Each bank in each country can be different. We work off the best available guidelines to give you an estimate of the actual delivery time. It is worth noting however that although your transfer has been marked as 'Funds Paid' there is a chance that the money is not yet reflected in the recipient account. Likewise your transfer might not yet have reached the 'Funds Paid' status but could already be with your recipient. We always suggest checking with your recipient to see if the funds have reached them before contacting us.

In summary, what can you do to ensure the fastest processing of your transfer?

  • Make payment to our bank account immediately after creating your transfer in our system.
  • Make transfers and payments during weekdays before the local cut-off time.
  • Ensure you accurately follow all the steps in verifying your details.
  • Check with your beneficiary to see if the transfer has made it to them.