Transfers from the United Kingdom (GBP)

If you want to make a GBP transfer we will need to verify your details as part of the transfer process. All customers wishing to send GBP will be required to complete Biometric Verification. You will be guided through the two-step process and just need to follow the prompts.  

What you will need

Technical Requirements

You will need to have access to either;

  • A computer with a working webcam (on our web app) or
  • A mobile phone with a working camera to complete the process on our Android and iOS apps.

Identification (ID) Document

You will also need a valid ID document. You can use any passport and driver's licenses for select countries. When you select the issuing country of your document you will see a list of which documents are acceptable.



Proof of Address

We will attempt to verify your address in the background, using the details you supply when completing your profile (this is not a credit check but simply a check against electronic databases through a trusted partner). If we are unable to verify your address automatically we may also require a valid Proof of address document which should meet the requirements below:

  • Be a bank/credit card statement (issued by your bank) or utility bill 
  • Be less than three months old and show the date of issue
  • Be addressed to, or show the name of, the OrbitRemit account holder

There is no need to complete verification prior to creating a transfer. The first time you create a transfer the verification requirements will be built into the transfer creation process.