Alipay Red Packet Promo


Promotion Period: 17:00 (NZDT) 16th Dec 2020 to 24:00 (NZDT) 29th Dec 2020 

To qualify for the promotion the following conditions must be met:

-A transfer must be for a payout amount of at least CNY 3000.
-The Red Packet will only be added one time per Alipay ID during the promotion period.

-The credit will be awarded to the Alipay account after the OrbitRemit transfer has reached a final 'Funds paid' status.
-The qualifying transfer will be the first transfer, with OrbitRemit, to an Alipay account during the qualifying period. 

All transfers to China during the promotion period will be fee free. 

Redemption of the 'Red Packet'

Once a qualifying transfer has been completed the Red Packet will be awarded to the Alipay account but the recipient must complete some steps to add the Red Packet to their Alipay account. 

Please pay attention to the notifications sent by Alipay, to the recipient, so as to claim your Red Packet after the transfer has been successfully completed.

The CNY 20 can be redeemed w
hen shopping with Alipay, the Red Packet will be used for deduction automatically at checkout. 

The CNY 20 will be valid for 180 days after being applied to the Alipay account. 

For full details please see the links below:

CN Version:
EN Version:


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