Paying to a Fiji M-PAiSA Account

We have partnered with the Vodafone M-PAiSA network to make fast, cost-effective transfers to Fiji M-PAiSA accounts from New Zealand and the UK. Sending to an M-PAiSA account is easy, all you need is the name and phone number of the M-PAiSA account you are transferring to. This is how it works:

  1. Login to your OrbitRemit account on the website and select FJD as the receiving currency from the calculator and the amount you wish to send
  2. Click New Recipient and select Mobile Money Transfer
  3. Enter your recipient's name and M-PAiSA account phone number
  4. Select the reason for your transfer
  5. Pay for your transfer


Is there anything my recipient needs to do to receive my transfer?

Your recipients M-PAiSA account needs to be activated to receive your transfer. This process is quick and easy which can be done through the M-PAiSA app or calling customer service with a Vodafone phone in Fiji.


M-PAiSA App:

  1. Download the M-PAiSA app from the Play store or App store
  2. Select Don't have M-PAiSA? SignUp Now
  3. Enter your mobile number and click Request
  4. Enter the activation code received via SMS and select Confirm
  5. Create a 4 digit PIN and select Verify PIN
  6. Login using mobile number and PIN

Calling Customer Service:

  1. Dial *181#
  2. Enter 2 and Send to receive an activation code via SMS
  3. Dial *181#
  4. Enter 1 and Send
  5. Enter the activation code received via SMS
  6. Create a 4 digit PIN and re-enter this when prompted


Is there a maximum I can send?

You can send up to NZD$1000 or GBP£500 per transfer, but can make multiple transfers per day. Your recipients' M-PAiSA wallets have a maximum limit of FJD$10,000 at any time.

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