Pay a person in Nepal

You can use OrbitRemit to transfer money to someone in Nepal who wants to collect it as cash from a physical location.

Step 1: Get recipient information

To make a transfer to a person in Nepal for cash pickup you will need the following information for them:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Contact number

Once you have the required information you can begin the process.

Step 2: Create a transfer

If this is your first time, you can read our guide to creating your first transfer:

Learn how to create a transfer

Step 3: Create a new recipient

For first-time cash pickups you will need to create a new recipient, even if you have sent to their bank account previously.

When creating the recipient, select 'A person who will collect funds' as the type of person you wish to pay.


Step 4: Pay for your transfer

Once you have completed the transfer details you will be given the details of how to pay. To ensure your transfer is processed without delay it is important that you pay as soon as possible. All the details you need will be provided once you have finalised the transfer. 

Learn how to pay for your transfer

Step 5: Picking up the cash

Once we receive your payment we will release your transfer for collection by your recipient. If you have provided a valid mobile number we will contact your recipient to let them know that the cash is available to collect.

  • NIC Asia Bank Branches:

    • Transfers up to NPR 100,000.00
  • Your recipient will need to present valid photo identification to be able to collect the cash

    • Government Issued ID document.

Important details to note:

  • Your beneficiary must provide the correct transfer reference number to be able to collect the cash e.g. ORB1234567. This reference is provided once you have created a transfer. 
  • NIC Asia Bank in Nepal will contact your recipient via the provided contact number. 
  • Please ensure the contact number provided for your recipient is valid, so we can contact them as above.

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