How do I change my profile address?

Keeping your OrbitRemit profile information up to date is important.

How to update your address

If you have moved recently or need to update your address for any other reason, please email with your new address details.

Acceptable proof of address documents

In certain circumstances, we will require a proof of address document for security and compliance purposes. If proof of address is required, acceptable documents are listed as below:

  • Utility bill (electric, phone, broadband, water or gas)
  • Bank or credit card statement
  • Document from a New Zealand bank, bank subsidiary, credit union or financial institution that provide lending or deposit related products only
  • New Zealand council rates notice or valuation
  • Document from a New Zealand insurance company that contains a unique policy or reference number (this does not include quotes)
  • Document issued by a New Zealand Government agency
  • Residential rental agreement from a REAA registered real estate agency
  • Document from a New Zealand superannuation provider that has a unique customer or reference number
  • Document from a current NZQA registered education provider
  • Letter or payslip from your current employer
  • Letter from employer on company letterhead confirming residential address
  • Letter from electoral office or your electoral roll papers
  • Signed rental tenancy agreement, flatting or sub-letting agreement
  • Car registration notification/demand
  • Short term accommodation letter issued by the accommodation provider