Paying with POLi - New Zealand only

POLi is an online payment option you can use to safely pay directly from your bank account. After you have set up a transfer in your OrbitRemit account the next step is to pay for your transfer.

Please note that POLi is only available for payments under $10,000 (NZD). 

Steps to pay with POLi

  1. When you get to the ‘Fund Transfer’ screen select: ‘Fund your transfer instantly by using POLi’.

  2. Next, select ‘Start POLi Payment’.
  3. Choose your bank and select ‘Continue’.
  4. You will then be prompted for your internet banking credentials, which are; your customer registration number and password.
  5. Once you have entered your credentials select ‘Log on’.
  6. You will then be asked to confirm the payment. Once you have done so the status of your transfer will change to ‘Processing funds’. At this point you do not need to do anything further. Once your transfer has been processed to your beneficiary we will update the status again. 

POLi is more secure than a credit card and utilises the same security as your internet banking. POLi never stores any sensitive information.

For further information on POLi you can visit their site.