Paying to an Alipay ID in China

We have partnered with Alipay to make fast, cost-effective transfers to China. Sending to an Alipay account is easy, all you need is the Alipay ID of the person you are transferring to. This is how it works:

  1. Login to your OrbitRemit account and select CNY as the receiving currency from the calculator.
  2. Enter your recipient's name and Alipay ID (their Alipay ID will be either a phone number or email address).
  3. Select transfer purpose.
  4. Pay for your transfer.
  5. Tell your recipient to look out for a push notification from Alipay.
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Is there anything my recipient needs to do to receive my transfer?

Your recipient's Alipay account needs to be set up to receive remittances, this process is quick and easy. Alipay will send them a notification and provide details on what they need to do. For reference there are two steps to the process for the recipient, they will have 48 hours to complete this process before the transfer expires:

  1. Log in to Alipay and complete real-name authentication.
  2. Find the Global Remittance mini app in the Alipay app and link your bank card to your Alipay ID.

    Note: Alipay is only available for users with Chinese Mainland Resident Identity Cards who have completed real name authentication.

Can I pay a business?

Currently, you are unable to transfer to a business account in China, likewise you cannot pay from an OrbitRemit business account. Transfers to Alipay IDs are only supported from person to person.

Is there a maximum I can send or my recipient can receive?

You can send up to 30,000 CNY per transfer. You can make up to 5 transfers per month to each Alipay ID.