PayID deposits via Commonwealth Bank

Instant Deposits with PayID

We have provided example screenshots and instructions on how to make PayID deposits from Commonwealth Bank. Please note -  this is a guide only and your actual experience may vary. 

You will need your OrbitRemit PayID details from the PayID details page. You will need to copy the PayID (email address) and the Description/Reference displayed on the PayID details page. 

  • Select Pay



    Select Pay Someone 



    Select + to pay someone NEW



    Select More and then Pay Someone new using Email Address



    Enter the email address shown on your PayID deposit page.



    Select Next

    A popup window will show that OrbitRemit is registered under this PayID, select OK.



    Enter the Amount to deposit

    Enter your Description/Reference in the Description field

    Please ensure Reference (optional) field is left blank



    Review that all details are correct.

    Select Pay Now to finalise the transaction.



    This should complete your Instant PayID Deposit. 

  • Once logged in, click on Transfers & BPay


    Select the + button to add a New Payee.



    Select Email for the PayID type

    Enter the email address shown on your PayID deposit page. 

    Then select the Check PayID button



    You will then be shown a screen for you to confirm the details entered in the previous step, if everything looks correct click on the Next button, this will add our PayID to your recipients.



    You can now make a deposit to the newly created recipient.

    Enter the Amount to deposit

    Enter your Description/Reference in the Description field

    Select Next 



    This should complete your Instant PayID Deposit.

If this is your first deposit or you have deposited a large amount, your PayID payment may be held by your bank for 24 hours before clearing.

Need more help? 

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