Redeeming Coupons

  • This article shows how you can redeem a coupon on a transfer.

    Coupons can be redeemed on the "About your Transfer" screen after you select your recipient in the transfer creation process. All you need to do is select the coupon you wish to apply and press continue. Once applied you will see the "Total Amount to Pay" will have reduced by the coupon amount. Simply fund the reduced amount and we will process the full send amount to your recipient.

    Mobile Redemption Process:

    Why isn't my coupon showing up?
    If your coupon isn't visible or is greyed out please check to make sure you are meeting the coupons conditions for redemption e.g. check you are sending the correct currency and the send amount of your transfer exceeds the minimum send amount of the coupon. To review the coupons conditions select "Rewards" from the home screen followed by "Coupons". 

    Review Coupon Conditions:

    Additional details:

    • You can’t apply a coupon after you have created a transfer.
    • If you void your transfer, coupons are not refundable and will not be reinstated. 
    • Expiration dates can’t be adjusted: Once a coupon has expired, it’s not possible to extend the expiration date or to get a replacement coupon. Expired coupons can’t be used toward past transfers.
    • Limit one coupon per transfer: Multiple coupons cannot be applied to the same transfer.
  • 本文介绍了如何在转账时兑换优惠券。

    在创建转账订单过程中,当你选择收款人后,可以在 "About your Transfer (有关您的转账)" 页面上兑换优惠券。 您需要做的就是选择您要申请的优惠券,然后按继续。 申请后,您将看到 "Total Amount to Pay (需要支付的金额)" -已经减去了优惠券的金额。 您只需为这部分计算后的金额付款,但我们将发送全部金额给您的收款人。


    如果您的优惠券不可见或呈灰色,请检查以确保您符合兑换优惠券的条件。例如:检查您发送的外汇币种是否正确,并且您的转账金额大于等于优惠券要求的最低金额。 要查看优惠券使用条件,请从主屏幕中选择"Rewards(奖励)" ,然后选择 "Coupons(优惠券)". 



    • 在创建转账订单后,您无法使用优惠券在此次转账上。
    • 如果您取消转账,优惠券将不予退还,也不会恢复。 
    • 有效期无法更改: 优惠券一旦过期,将无法延长有效期或更换优惠券。 过期的优惠券不能用于任何转账。
    • 每次转账仅限使用一张优惠券: 同一笔转账不能使用多张优惠券。