How to set up a rate alert

With OrbitRemit’s rate alerts, you can be notified when your preferred currency reaches a desired rate. These alerts help you to make timely decisions and take advantage of favourable rates when transferring money. 

See below for how to set up a rate alert with OrbitRemit.

  1. Log in to your OrbitRemit account using the mobile app 
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab on the bottom right hand corner
  3. Under Notifications, click on ‘Setup Rate Alerts’ and then ‘Add New Rate Alert
  4. Select the send and receive currency you want to monitor, and input your desired exchange rate. 
  5. Press ‘Add’ and we’ll notify you when the exchange rate goes above it.

You can add as many rate alerts as you want. This feature is only available on the mobile app. You can download OrbitRemit from the App Store or Google Play.