Paying by Bank Transfer

After you have created a transfer in your OrbitRemit account the next step is to pay for your transfer.

When you get to the ‘Fund Transfer’ screen select 'Bank transfer'. This will bring up the OrbitRemit bank account details, as well as the reference you will need to add when making payment. Make a note of these — you’ll need them to pay with bank transfer through your bank. To do so you will need to exit your OrbitRemit account, and pay by bank transfer. You can do this either:

  • Online, through your online banking
  • Over the phone, with your telephone banking


Important details to note:

  • When paying for your transfer please ensure you pay from a bank account in your name . If the account name doesn't match the name registered on your OrbitRemit account we may need to return the money to you. You cannot make payment on behalf of others.
  • To ensure there are no delays processing your transfer, please ensure you use your unique eight digit customer number as the reference when making payment to us. You can find your Customer Number by clicking on your initials within your profile.
  • Please make sure you pay exactly the amount noted on screen and in your ‘Transfer Confirmation’

Once we receive your payment we will update the status of your transfer and send you an email to acknowledge receipt of your funds.

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