Transfers to New Zealand Government Departments

OrbitRemit allows you to make payments towards your tax debt, outstanding student loans, fines and child support in New Zealand free of charge.

OrbitRemit does not have access to your government account information and is unable to confirm details pertaining to repayment periods, repayment amounts or any other personal information.

Inland Revenue Department (IRD)

When creating an IRD recipient you will be required to enter your Inland Revenue Department number. Our system will check the number to ensure what you have entered is a valid IRD number.

If you need to contact Inland Revenue to confirm your tax type, tax number or the tax year towards which you need to make repayments we suggest contacting IRD directly.

Before contacting Inland Revenue, please ensure you have your IRD or NZBN number available.

  • From New Zealand: 0800 227 774
  • From Overseas: +64 4 978 0779

Ministry of Justice (MOJ)

To make payments toward outstanding fines in New Zealand, you are required to enter your PPN number when creating a MOJ recipient. 

When adding your PPN number, it must be in the format 'PXXXXXXXXXX' - P followed by a 10 digit number.

If you don’t have your PPN number or don’t know how much the balance of your outstanding fine is, we recommend contacting the Ministry of Justice directly. 

  • From New Zealand: 0800 434 637
  • From Australia: 1800 144 239
  • From Overseas: +64 4 915 8586

Ministry of Social Development (MSD)

When creating an MSD recipient you will be required to enter a SWN number. This is your Social Welfare Number, also known as your client number. 

Your SWN number is 9 digits and can be located on any of your MSD issued letters or alternatively your Community Services Card if you have one.

If you need to contact the Ministry of Social Development, to confirm your SWN number or your required payment scheme, please contact them directly.

  • From New Zealand: 0800 559 009
  • From Overseas: +64 9 913 0300