Creating a Business Account

You can create a business account whilst setting up your OrbitRemit profile.

This guide is on how to create a business account. Check out create a personal account for full details on making personal transfers.

Steps for creating a business account


  1. Sign up. If you haven't completed this yet you can find out how to do so.
  2. Login and use the calculator to select how much you wish to transfer.
  3. Choose 'Business Account' when asked to choose the type of account you are setting up.
  4. The first section is filling out basic details about yourself. Please enter your name exactly as it appears in your passport or driver's license to avoid issues when completing verification of your profile.

  5. The second section will ask you to complete basic details about your company such as your business name, incorporation number and outline the share structure of your company. 
  6. To find out what documentation is needed to verify your business, please see the relevant information for Australia and New Zealand.