How to use PayID

Funding a transfer can be made easy and instant with the use of PayID, after reviewing your transfer you will be prompted on how you would like to fund your transfer, selecting PayID transfer will provide you with all information needed to complete your transfer using your choice of bank.


Below is an example only - Please log into Your OrbitRemit Account, book a transfer and select the PayID option to view Your Details.



The second thing you will need is your Mobile Banking app or Internet Banking.

After logging into your mobile banking or online banking, select the option to pay anyone.
Select the option to add a new payee and choose to pay someone with the email address option.
Fill in the email address field with the email address shown on your OrbitRemit PayID details page.
Enter your Description (shown on your OrbitRemit PayID deposit page) into your bank's description/reference field and complete your deposit.

  • PayID can be used only for payments in AUD.
  • Only enter your unique description into the description/reference fields.
  • PayID deposits, especially if this is your first deposit or you have deposited a large amount, may be held by your bank or take 24 hours to clear.
  • Please stick to your AUD deposit limit, deposit amounts above your limit will be delayed and further verification may be required.
  • As per our Terms of Use OrbitRemit can only accept payments from your own personal bank account (held in your name).

Click below for full step by step instructions specific to your bank.

PayID deposits via ANZ

PayID deposits via NAB

PayID deposits via Commonwealth Bank

PayID deposits via Westpac

PayID deposit via Bank Of Melbourne

Which Financial Institutions/Banks support PayID deposits?

The majority of Australian banks and Financial Institutions will support PayID deposits to email addresses.

Please use the below link to find suitable financial institution/banks that support PayID deposits.


Need more help? 

Use the 'Contact Us' button atop this page to create a support ticket or start a conversation with us via Live Chat, our team will provide full instructions and advice.